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Chinese teaching

Language capability is a critically important factor that facilitates all learning. We use Chinese as our key medium of instruction at Creative Primary School because we believe that building strong language competence would be much more effective if done through the child's first (mother-tongue) language. According to linguistic research, being competent in one's first language is critically important for success in acquiring a second or more languages.

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to master. Starting and focusing on Chinese learning at an early age would be much easier and effective for the child. It can also help reducing the risk of the child taking a preference in English and develop reluctance in learning the more difficult Chinese subject.

In terms of Putonghua learning, Chinese Language Classes are taught in the medium of Putonghua. However, if for background or other reasons the parents prefer their child to be taught in Cantonese, there are Cantonese Chinese classes available as an option for parents and students to choose from.

Below is a summary of the key advantages of English and Chinese teaching and learning at Creative Primary School:

English Language

  • Longer English lesson time per week comparing with other local schools

  • Strong English teaching team consisting of 6 key Native English Speaking Teachers (NETs), more than 15 Local English teachers (LETs) and 4 English Teaching Assistants (TAs)

  • Every class is taught by both NET and LET, assisted by English TAs in lower forms

  • In addition to English Language, Bible Studies lessons are conducted in English

  • In upper primary classes, emphasis of English learning as well as increasing content of our IBPYP Units of Inquiry are conducted in English, systematically preparing the child for the English-based IB Middle Years Programme at Creative Secondary School

  • Students have attained outstanding results in local and international English assessments and competitions

Putonghua Language:

  • Students can choose either Putonghua or Cantonese as a medium of instruction for their Chinese lessons

  • In addition, the school also offers a Putonghua curriculum

  • Our Chinese Language teaching teams include Native-Putonghua Speakers

  • Students have attained outstanding results in Putonghua national assessments and competitions

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