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Our Mission

Creative Primary School aim to provide a forward-thinking, inspirational, and caring learning environment. We believe that every child is unique and distinctive in his/her own way. The school should offer maximum opportunities for student to realize their own abilities, and prepare them for future challenges. In CPS:​

  • We integrate the best of both international and Chinese educational ideals, provide students with the joyful and excellent learning environment

Through student-centered, inquiry based curriculum (integrate local and IB curriculum, brain-based learning), and vivid learning experience and activities, students can enjoy the accomplishment of exploring new knowledge

  • We emphasize child academic development as well as personal growth

Caring, respectful, trust and positive school ethos; well-structured personal development programme and activities (EQ programme, class management); pastoral care to individual student; nurture students' self-esteem, confidence and self-motivation

  • We aim to develop students' potential fully

We provide maximum opportunities to our students through different platform in the school (both in the classroom and outside classroom). Student would be able to explore and express their own potential, as well as understand their own uniqueness.

We believe the learning environment in CSS would help student to lay a firm foundation for their future academic development. We also care about students' individual development, and the self-learning, self-motivating attitude. We hope to equip our students to face the challenges of the 21st century, with positive attitude and values to pursue their own dreams.

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